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Q&A: Fatboy Slim

We caught up with Fatboy Slim during the Samsung Galaxy Accessories Tour

  • Mixmag Staff
  • 15 December 2015

Samsung recently headed out on a four-week bus tour across England to show off the latest S6 devices and Galaxy Accessories including the new Level On Pro headphones and the Gear S2 watch.

One of these new features is Soundcamp, a touch screen music production app on the new Samsung Galaxy phone, which is pinned as a way to produce on the move. Naturally, we wanted to put it to the test, and called in the help Fatboy Slim to do exactly that.

The legendary 'Praise You' producer provided stems from an unfinished track titled 'Where You Iz' and allowed anyone with the app to use the component parts to create personalised versions, effectively collaborating with Mr Slim.

Fatboy loved the barrier-breaking potential of this opportunity as after all, dance music is all about inclusion, and co-producing is a perfect way to encapsulate that.

The public delivered, sampling and editing the tune in a variety of ways, reflecting the broad musical influences that span across the country. We now have four unique mixes of the track by amateur producers from four different regions.

We'll be rolling out the tracks from London, The Suburbs, The Midlands and Up North over the course of this week. First up is Up North.

Listen to it and read an interview with Fatboy Slim below.

What have you been up to this year so far?

Launching the Smile High Club at SW4 and Creamfields, curating my first human smiley, making a guest appearance at Banksy's Dismaland, working on a film soundtrack with Idris Elba, losing my cherry at Morning Gloryville, losing my shit at Glastonbury, plus the usual quality time in Ibiza.

What is the biggest crowd you have played to?

An estimated 360,000 on Flamengo Beach in Rio De Janeiro (although if it counts, I believe a lot of people watched the Olympics closing ceremony on the TV...)

Do you have any favourite cities to play in?

My home town of Brighton (natch), Salvador in Brazil, Florence has great crowds and food, Tokyo, Dublin... Christ, this list could go on for days!

What impact has technology had on your career?

Using Serato video SL means I can write and sync up the visuals to my show which takes the big shows to another level. Ableton allows me to re-edit and customise every tune that I play. I still however don't ever use the 'sync' button!

Is there any new technology you're particularly excited about?

I'm a bit of a Luddite about new technology. I like to leave everything at least five years to see if it really works before I get excited about it. For instance I'm just exploring this idea called "social media" as a way of communicating. I think it could catch on!

What attracted you to get involved with Track 10, an exclusive track for the Samsung Galaxy Accessories Tour here in the UK?

I think there is much fun to be had in letting people mess with a tune before it is finished rather than releasing it yourself and then getting people to remix it. It allows anyone who wants to be in the creative industry to get involved in the tune. Open platform A&R-ing anyone? Instead of crowdfunding this is crowdmixing! Samsung's app and the tour opens up fascinating possibilities for us all interacting. Mixtagram, anyone?

As a DJ what accessory couldn't you live without?

A Pioneer mixer with effects; old or new, Nexus or old skool, they all take DJ-ing to the next level.

What advice would you give to any aspiring DJ/producers?

Always remember you are trying to entertain not educate, the music is for them not you. Always look up and communicate with your audience. See also: my tips for DJ's.

Will there be a notable sound coming through for each city's Track 10?

I certainly hope so!

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